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Before you send a support request please understand the following:

  1. We appreciate your interest in our ministry.
  2. We have limited funds and would ask that you make sure your tech problem is on our end and not on your end. Many people e-mail us when the issue is user error and not on our end. Many people e-mail our tech department wanting us to give them free help with their mobile phone or Ipad. We cannot afford to pay a tech department to answer your personal computer questions or to give you free tech support for your phone, computer, or iPad.
  3. If your membership to the Situation Room works on your computer but not your smart phone or iPad, then it is an issue with your smart phone or iPad and we do not offer tech support for such issues.
  4. If you cannot download something you have ordered, it will be in your store account. Simply login to your store account and download the Ebook or Audio book. If you do not know how to do this then please ask someone in your family for help. We do not offer tech support to teach people how to operate a computer; we simply do not have the funds for that.
  5. If the problem is on our end with our system then we are happy to hear from you and to assist you.
  6. If the problem is on your end we cannot help you unless you would like to hire our tech guy at the hourly rate of $70, which is what he charges our ministry. If you want his help then let him know and you can arrange to pay him via Paypal for his computer training or help.
  7. We do not offer tech support for Roku, so please do not e-mail us with such requests. If you need help setting up Roku please go to If that does not help then please contact Roku or ask a friend or teenager to help you. Almost 100% of Roku issues are human error, and unless our tech guy is standing in your living room, he cannot see what you are doing wrong.
  8. We do not offer support on how to download our app and operate it. Please have a teenager help you or go to the local store where you bought your phone, as most of those companies will gladly teach you how to operate your phone and download apps.
  9. Please make sure you have us on your cleared list so you get our e-mails. We cannot answer your e-mails if our responses are going in your spam folder. We will try one time to help you, but we cannot continue to answer the same e-mail over and over because you have given us a bad e-mail address or it is in your spam folder. Thus, if you have not received a response from us, then again it is human error on your end and we cannot fix that.
  10. If you wish to stop re-occuring payments for the Situation Room, please do not e-mail us as we do not have access to your Paypal account and cannot stop the re-occuring payments you set up. You must stop them by logging into your Paypal account and stopping those payments.
  11. I am sorry we had to post this check list and that we are being so direct, but sadly many people were taking advantage of us by thinking that because we are a ministry our tech department is obligated to spend hours with them helping them with their personal computer issues that are not related to our system. Most of the tech support issues are human error and we simply cannot afford the cost of those support requests. Thank you for understanding.

We are a ministry and not a computer repair or training company. We must be wise with our time and limited resources if we are to continue to function as a ministry. Please accept our apology for those that have taken advantage of our tech department and thus required us to post these 11 points.

Now if you have an issue that is with our system and not with your computer or personal device, or is not human error, then please send us a support request.

Thank you.

Support Center

Getting Started with LiveStream

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2015 12:41AM EST

Getting Ready:

            • It is best to view Livestream from a wired connection with a download
              bandwidth of at least 700Kbps. You may test your speed at
            • Livestream is compatible with most major browsers on most major operating
              systems. We recommend Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but Safari and
              Internet Explorer version 10 & higher will work, as well. Please make sure to
              enable cookies, turn off pop-up blocker, and close all extra tabs in your browser.
            • Always use the latest version of Adobe Flash. You may check your version (and
              upgrade if needed) at the this link:
             • We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Java:
            • Make sure you reboot your router before joining live-stream.


            • For “Situation Room Only” events, please click on “Live Event” tab inside the
              Situation Room. Enter the Sit Rm at this link:
            • For free events, you may view either through the Livestream or website, or
              through our website at Those using Roku or Apple TV
              may view free events through Livestream’s site now, but we anticipate being able
              to offer this through our WVW site in the near future.
            • To watch in full screen mode, simply click the icon on the bottom right of the
               video player.


            • For all streaming issues, please refresh your screen. This seems to solve most
              issues and the broadcast will resume within a few minutes.
            • Check to make sure other computers and/or mobile devices are not using your
               WiFi, and thereby competing with your livestream.
            • You may contact us by clicking the “support” button if refreshing doesn’t work.

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